eBay Storefronts

Setting Up eBay Storefronts

Another way of making some cash via internet marketing is by getting involved in the popular eBay site by setting up some eBay Storefronts.Ebay storefront

This post will show you some tips to help you get to that goal all sellers would like to achieve: the title of the Power Seller!

There was a time that label would bring you discounts on listings and a level of high prestige. However because of its popularity, prestige is a more common place situation and discounts are less.

We will show you here that despite the competition, there is still plenty of opportunity to make a good living with eBay storefronts.

There is a great digital product that will help you in leaps and bounds on getting over the hurdles of that competition. It’s called Sale Hoo.

Following are some basic high level tricks from some of eBays best of the best players for your consideration before you jump into SaleHoo:

1. Choosing and Sticking with Your Niche – When you start
selling on eBay, it is always best to have a specific
niche to focus your energies on. This will allow you to
not only learn about your field, but to offer better deals
for products that are popular with your customers.

It also breeds customer loyalty when you are able to
provide the same values on the same products over time.

2. Learn about Your Field – Knowledge of your field is
vital. In fact, from my experience crucial!

Would you purchase a new car from someone who had no idea
about the make or model or its value? Don’t expect your
customers to simply trust what you have to say. Know your
niche and showcase it in your copy.

3. Top-notch Customer Support – Many eBay sellers are
notoriously bad in responding to customer emails or
handling returns. They let their lust for profits overcome
their ability to handle the increased volume.

Scale your customer support as you grow larger on eBay. If
you sell 20,000 items a month, you should have employees
or contractors to help with support.

4. Using eBay’s Store Features – Sign up for an eBay Store
and use it to generate SEO-friendly descriptions and easy
search features, and to get reduced listings fees.

The cost varies between the basic plan at $19.95 a month
and the more advanced versions at $100+ a month.

5. Easy, Low-cost Product Sources – Your products are a
major part of your success and they need to be easy to
get, easy to ship, and easy to profit from.

Look for drop shipping sources like SaleHoo or start
selling digital products like eBooks or software.

6. Copywriting Expertise Is Key – Every auction you list
is a sales page that needs to be professionally written
and edited.

Even for a $20 scarf, make sure the copy is of the highest
possible quality and that it is proofed and edited
multiple times over.

This lends to a sense of professionalism, but also helps
to entice your readers. How many listings do you think are
professionally written? Yours will stand out immediately
for its quality.

7. Use Tools When Available – There are dozens of eBay
tools out there, starting with basic tools like the free
eBay Turbo Lister.

You should have a PowerSeller tool of some sort to make
listing, invoicing and feedback generation all faster.
Automate wherever possible to save time.

8. Split-test Your Listings – Don’t be content with what
you write the first time through.

Test your listings to see what works and what doesn’t. Use
the analytics and research tools provided to eBay Store
account holders and review who visits and how long they

9. Diversify, but Not Too Much – While it might be a good
idea to have a single niche in which you operate most of
your business, you will also want to find small ways to
diversify and try new markets.

Don’t have 100 different product niches on eBay at once,
but also avoid sticking all your eggs in one basket. One
small change and you could be out of a very important
source of income.

10. Driving Repeat Business – Repeat business is huge for
any business owner, but most eBay PowerSellers ignore the
opportunities here. Use email marketing and recommendation
tools to bring back repeat buyers.

The more often you can get the same buyer to purchase from
you, the more easily you can guarantee your income each

Whether you’ve been on eBay for the last three years or just started selling your grandmother’s potholders last week, know that eBay has the potential to make you massive amounts of cash!

Use the ideas and stratergies above and constantly evolve what you sell and
how you sell it. You’ll be rolling in profits in no time.

To reach the upper echelons of eBay profit, you need a helping hand–a reliable source of suppliers from whom you can buy low, and then sell high.

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