Basic SEO Guide for Fast Page Rank

A Basic SEO Guide for Internet SuccessBasic seo guide

What all internet marketers need is a basic SEO guide to aid both the beginner and the experienced creators of a selling website. Everyone needs a plan. A simple list of what it takes to get noticed and ranked in the search engines, especially Google.

Without a plan, a guide, your hard work on creating that post will be lost in cyberspace. The proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’.

That’s not what you’re looking for because it’s something that your customers will not find!

You need good SEO habits.

Making an SEO Friendly Website

Today the internet is an everyday need for every business because of its popularity and ease of use for the consumer. Your customers. However, they will not become your customers if they can’t possibly find your site.Basic SEO Guide

I am going to assume that you have a well-designed website already up and running. If not you should look into getting help in that department before going any further. There are good instructional programs out on the web and also some good hosting services that help make a WordPress site much easier to use and design.

Content……your article, post, blog, your sales pitch. I am also going to assume you know about the importance of good substantial content. Cheap sounding, short worded posts are never appealing to the consumer much less the search engines. If you want it to be indexable, write good, useful content. If you don’t know how, learn, or hire someone else to do it until you get the confidence to do it yourself.

Now We Can Start Tweaking For Basic SEO

You should have a good helping plug-in installed on your WordPress site such as Yoast. or SEO All In One Pack. They are essential and will help with checking off things that need to be done for good SEO. Pay attention to them. Fill in all the blanks:

  • Keyword density Do not stuff your article with too many uses of your keyword. Once or twice is sufficient.
  • Meta Title Make sure it contains your keyword and as close to 55 letters as Basic SEO Guidepossible.
  • Meta Description Your sales pitch. Write it like your dangling that carrot in front of your customer. Use no more than 160 letters.or your pitch will be cut off before the climax.
  • Internal and External Links Have at least one link pointing back to your own site and have at least one link going off site preferably to an authority site such as Wikipedia. Make sure any links open in another window. You don’t want to lose them now!
  • An Image Have at least one image on your post with the all important Alt Tag filled out with the keyword you are trying to rank for. That is more ‘bait’ for the search engines to let them know what you are trying to sell. Right justify the image. It’s a good design practice.
  • Video embed Try to embed a video in some of your posts.They not only add to the post content wise, they will also keep your customer occupied so they stay on your site longer. Search engines like that.
  • Social Media Shout out to your friends. Calmly. Use that sales pitch from your meta description and invite your people to look at your new post. If you don’t use it now, consider Google+. Give your post a shout out there too as you remember who practically owns the internet and who is also watching you.
  • Search Console And speaking of Google, definitely get on board with their Search Console. Learn how to use it. Google is very helpful with that. Make sure you place a sitemap on it for your site and use Fetch as Google to index that post you just put out there for the world to see.
  • Comments Get some friends to look over your post and add some comments to it. Google loves conversation.

Using these tactics, along with some good content and a low hanging fruit type keyword, you will find your page placements improving. It has definitely worked for me.

If you have any questions, comments or other ideas, please let me know. Will be glad to hear from you!

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