Building Backlinks

Building Backlinks For Your Website

Building backlinks

The Overlooked Backlink

One of the glaring omissions I am guilty of was ignoring the importance of getting high quality backlinks for my affiliate websites. I was making the mistake of going on to a site such as Fiverr, paying $5, and getting a number of backlinks to my sites pages. However, they were rather poor quality, and did next to nothing on helping my site with page rankings. It was a poor and lazy excuse for building backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks, or incoming links, are links a webpage receives from other webpages. Most search engines use the number of backlinks a website receives to rank the page. Here is the important part: the more quality backlinks associated with a site, the higher ranked it is and the closer to the top it will appear in a search. Quality- You need good backlinks to make it work. It is a very important part for your internet marketing strategy.

A higher backlink score associated with your website can give your business much more exposure, because of the better page rank you will receive from the search engines. It is important that backlinks are received from webpages related or relevant to yours as well as from credible sources and pages that already have a high page rank. But how can you control your backlinks and do so in a manner that will be picked up by the search engines?

How To Obtain and Manage Backlinks

  • The aim of building backlinks to your business website is to rank better in the search engine results pages and drive more organic traffic. That means free.
  • Blogging is a very effective way of driving traffic to your site. If you have an interesting blog, people will not only tell others about your blog, they will also return to read fresh content regularly. Backlinking from your blog to your business website is a good strategy. And also free.
  • Providing links to your site on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, with a little blurb about your site will “get the word out” about your business and drive people there.
  • Guest blogging is very popular and is a good way to obtain reputable backlinks with high PRs. Search the Web for already-established blogs related to your niche, then write quality content and ask blog owners to publish it.
  • You can create a forum where you discuss a pro/con argument, or you can join other forums related to your niche. Take a side and argue it and see what responses you get. People who post on forums will come back regularly to see the responses to their comments. Include a link to your website in your signature.
  • Offer free eBook links, free themes or templates, free whitepapers or other free items. Change the free offering regularly. Always include a link to your website in your free offerings.
  • Offer video how-tos that you believe to be valuable to your customers. Post these on your blog, YouTube, Vimeo, and similar platforms with a link back to your business site.
  • Article marketing seems to be a very effective way to build backlinks. Using a service such as EzineArticles, one can post relevant articles and link back to one’s website.
  • Become an expert in the online community. Answer or comment on posts with an authoritative voice. When you do so, advertise your name and link it back to your website. Yahoo! Answers is one place where this works well.
  • Create a link wheel that will consistently lead back to your website. It should also lead to other very reputable websites as well. This will place your website on par with other highly ranked sites.
  • Only relevant backlinks will improve your search engine ranking. Irrelevant backlinks can actually harm it, so be careful if you use a device such as Fiverr. If you already have some backlinks from spammy websites, link farms, or any other irrelevant or harmful websites, you can remove them by using the Google Disavow Links Tool.

What I Learned On Building Backlinks

Do not start out like I did. Do not be lazy. Remember to try to backlink from sites that are already highly ranked. These are given more “weight” when it comes to evaluating your Page Rank.

There is a very useful tool to use when it comes to building backlinks. It is called Traffic Travis. It is free and very easy to use to help you to find quality backlinks. You will find it right here.