Feeder Websites

Feeder Websites For Back Links

Just what is a Feeder Website?

Feeder websites

Feeder websites, Three Goldfinches—Me in ME (Flickr.com)

A site setup specifically for the purpose of redirecting, or feeding, traffic to another site.

It’s really not too complicated, expensive, or hard to do. In fact, it does not have to cost anything except for a little time to populate it with some simple articles with links to the affiliate site you are trying to make money with.

It’s kind of a double edge sword. On one side you are promoting your money making site, on the other side you are giving the pages you want valuable back links. And if you want to spend a couple dollars, even a more valuable backlink from an authority site.

How To Set Up  Feeder Websites

Google ranks whole websites. From a scale of n/a – 10. Of course, 10 is the best score. The higher the score, the more authority the site has. The more authority, the more clout, the more impressive the back link from that particular site. You may want more clout when it comes to your feeder websites. How do you get that in a quick way?

You can buy a domain name with a higher authority. On the cheap!

You can go to Go Daddy and sign up for the online domain auctions. With a little patience and some time you should be able to find a domain name that makes sense to your niche for as little as $35-$50.

Now I’m not talking about very high ranking domains, however, any with a rating of 2-3 will do just fine. There is a lot of authority in those ranking domains, an authority that will benefit your money making site.

You do not have to go that route, you can just set up a free self-hosted site. It will not start with any authority, however, it will be better than no backlinks at all. It is a good place to start.

If you obtain such an authority domain you could self-host it yourself through a site such as Webnode. They will help you with setting up the site, real simple, and how to plug that authority domain name to it.

Add some simple content pages on a subject that will compliment your money making site, and add 2-3 links to that site. Put in a link to another authority site such as Wikipedia to appease the gods at Google so you keep that authority rating. Google is all about the giving and sharing of information.

Webnode - Make your own website

And do not forget to do the same with your money making site. Have links to other authority sites. That gives your site credibility, not just a greedy money making machine. Brain Johnsons Push Button SEO makes obtaining those links very easy.

Once a month or so, go back into the site and add another post. Do not forget about the site. As your money making site gains authority, so will that feeder site. They will grow in value together. And that will net more traffic, more money.