Best Free Content Marketing for Businesses

How To: Cost Effective Content Marketing

Whether you are just starting out, or you have been doing this internet thing for a while, understanding some best free content marketing ideas could put you and your site as an authority ‘go to’ in your niche as well as putting some extra cash in your free content marketing

It is no secret, today content is king. Good content. It will establish you as an authority in your field, it will build trust, it will create valuable backlinks organically through shares, it will give you better control of social networks and their power to improve your reputation.

And Google demands it if you want to boost your search engine ranking.

Page one is gold, page two and beyond is, well……..beyond. Lost.

So you have that good content, now all you have to do is get it noticed. 

Let me show you some ways!

Some Best Free Content Marketing Ideas

  • In addition to your own selling website, try blogging 2 to 3 times per week. Set up a blog in Googles Blogger and get to work. It’s free. Blogging will help you reach out to new customers, help your search engine rankings, establish you as an authority in your field, and helps establish your brand. It will also net you some followers and might get you some viral happenings.
  • In addition to writing on your own blog, consider guest blogging on other blogs.Guest blogging on popular blogs in your field will get you traffic, backlinks organically, gives you credibility as an expert and gets you exposed to others interested in the same subjects.
  •  Get involved with the question and answer platform called Quora. Set up your profile and become an answering ‘icon’ in your field of knowledge. People are always looking for answers and or direction on an endless amount of subjects and there are not too many better ways to establish yourself as an authority. It is also a good way for backlinks to your site. Also free.
  • Article marketing is nowhere what it used to be, however, do not discount the use of good article directories. It still works for those marketers who use it to do indirect marketing, by winning the trust of customers with valuable content offered for free. 
  • Take a look at the IBO Toolbox Platform. It’s also free to use and get involved with but there is a bit of a small learning curve to get comfortable using it. 
  • Write, then publish an eBook every so often. Cover a chosen topic in depth, add some photos and links to your site, keep it short and simple, about 40 pages. It should be well received by your current
    writing sales copy

    Go ahead….click and open. No email required! Free eBook.

    customers and might help you get some new ones if you promote it properly on social media.

  • Record some videos. Most laptops today come with a camera already built in and the cost of a microphone is quite inexpensive. Try it with those tools before going a more professional route to get your ‘feet wet’ and build some confidence. Video how-tos, interviews, and case studies are very popular on the web and could help a lot in getting traffic to your site and driving home the idea that you know what you are talking about. Search engines love videos.
  • Tweet, tweet, and tweet. several times a day. With Twitter, you could promote your best content for free, start some discussion threads, get involved with some leaders in your market. A service such as Crowdfire has a free level and will help you to get followers and leads.

Take Aways From Content Marketing

Content marketing is today, the most effective way for you to get more exposure on the net for your small business. It will improve your search engine rankings and in turn get you more traffic to your site. That is what it is all about, isn’t it?

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More exposure, more traffic, more sales!



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