Content Marketing That Sells Your Products

Strategies for Content Marketing That Sells  

There are about a dozen or so online marketing examples that you should be incorporatingContent marketing that sells into your site for success, however, content marketing that sells has got to be in the top three.

It’s all about Google, and Google does not recognise poor and sloppy content. It has no clout in the Google net because it does not give the masses what they are looking for which is good information.

Content marketing that sells is the process where you will identify and deliver information on your product or service to your targeted audience in an entertaining and useful manner. It must be valuable to them if you are expecting them to spend any kind of time on your website and buy into what you are trying to sell.

It should not be one long drawn out sales pitch!

Tips for Content Marketing That Sells:

You do not want your potential customer to feel like they are going through the hoops of buying a car at the dealership. Any type of long drawn out sales pitch will cause a rapid click right off your site.

  • Look at me, look at me: Self-promotion is not what your customer is looking for. Focus your comments on your customer and why what you are trying to sell is relevant.
  • Fluff filling: In plain English, fluff is crap and crap is always crap no matter how you look at it. Give your customer some credit and understand that they will recognise crap when they read it. They want to read useful information.
  • No planning:  A common mistake in this internet marketing thing is the lack of having a plan or strategy. Develop a clear plan and make your life easier.
  •  Your customers: If you do not understand your target audience you will be spinning your wheels. To have content marketing that sells your writing should cater to the interests of your potential customers. You have got to create content that will attract them to your site.
  • Impersonal and boring: I try to write like I am talking to a real life person in front of me.There will be lots of people who will be reading your site in a casual state of mind. While not bragging, you should sometimes be telling a story about your own life experiences.
  • Keyword overuse: Or keyword stuffing is something you should avoid. Although keywords are still important, Google and your customers are not stupid and will recognise an unnatural writing if you attempt to stuff them into your content. You must pay attention to SEO, just do not stuff.Content marketing that sells
  • Social Media: I mention Google several times in this post, however, it is not the only fish in the sea. Social media sites today plays an important part in your online marketing sales.Have those links and buttons on every page and post on your site. It does not cost a thing and will help get your word out there.
  • Content brain freeze: There might come a time when after all your writing, you might need help in getting new and fresh content to your site. When or if this happens, invite some guest bloggers or hire some writers to give you a hand. There are sites which are very affordable and will do a great job.

Final Thoughts on Content Marketing

It is definitely a balancing act. You have to get people to understand how much they need your product or service, and not overdoing the sales pitch while doing so. Nobody likes being pushed into anything.Keep that in mind.

However, if you use kid gloves and convince them gently that they relly need that thing you are selling, they will become a satisfied customer.

Practice, edit, and revise. That’s the ticket. I have been doing this for several years and am still learning, and I feel getting better at it.

My traffic to my sites is proof of that.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I always looking to learn a little more!


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