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Content Marketing What Ifs

 Content Marketing is the Top Go-To-Market Priority…

If you want to enter the world of affiliate marketing, I can not stress enough the importance of content marketing. Your site depends on the thoughtful consideration of your content. You will spend a lot of time and possibly money on getting your future customers to your site. If you disappoint them with your content, you will lose any possibility of making any kind of sale.

That’s not why you are in business!

The aim of any content marketing campaign is to spark your customers’ interest without making them feel like they are at a used-car dealership. Content marketing combines media, text and graphics to draw in potential customers by giving them information they feel they need in their lives. A good plugin such as Push Button SEO will help you a lot in getting what you need.  Any type of sales pitch is guaranteed to chase potential customers away.

Here are some things to avoid when developing a content marketing strategy:

  • Writing fluffy content. Fluff is always fluff, no matter how you look at it. Your customers will recognize unusable filler information right away and will be turned off by it.
  • Not having an organised marketing plan. This is a killer mistake because your content marketing will not be focused. Having a clear plan will make everything easier in the long run and will give yourself a template from which to work.
  • Self promotion is something your potential customers do not want to read. Avoid bragging rights about yourself at all costs. Instead, focus your content on educating your customers and why your business is relevant to them.
  • Not understanding your target audience. Your target audience should be your biggest fans. Therefore, your writing and marketing should cater to their interests and needs. Think about what would be interesting to your target audience and provide content that will attract them to your site.
  • Not outsourcing other people to help you with your marketing content. You have very talented people right under your nose who have vested interests in the success of your marketing strategy. Check out i-Writer and other sites. Hire them, and allow their research to contribute to the your sites content.
  • Impersonal, robotic type talk. This turns casual readers off. There will be a great number of people in your target audience who will come to your site and read your blog casually. While you should not brag about yourself, telling stories from your life and experiences that are relevant to your target audience is very interesting reading and will bring your readers back.
  • Having a poor web site structure. It’s important to have a good structure to your site for all that exciting content. Get educated on building a good selling site.
  • Keyword stuffing. Keywords are important, but if they sound artificial in your posts, people will notice. Absolutely pay attention to SEO, but don’t overuse keywords. They need to fit naturally.
  • Letting content get stale over time. When you write for a while, you can run out of ideas. If this happens, it’s time to search out new keywords and find other writers. New writers can introduce new ideas, have new takes on your topic and add new voice.

Content Marketing on the Google Net:

Affiliate Content Marketing equals: engine optimization, SEO paid search engine marketing, PPC Pay Per Click, e-mail marketing content marketing, and in some sense display advertising. Read on……..

Putting it all together:

Successful content marketing is clearly a balancing act between making people understand how much they need your product and making people feel like you are not out to hard sell. It’s important to remember that people dislike being pushed into buying something. However, if they are gently convinced that they can’t live without your product or that they really should try it, they will eagerly buy. Therefore, be sure to edit, edit, edit; revise, revise, revise; and always keep your content fresh and interesting to your potential customers.