Disclaimer Meaning and Use

Disclaimer Meaning and Importance

Lets take a serious look at a disclaimer meaning:

Definition of disclaimer: Clause or statement in a document that tries to prevent creation of a warranty or contract. Also called hedge clause.Disclaimer

If you were to look closely at this site, you might have noticed a ‘footer’ at the bottom of each page and post stating a short disclaimer. If you took a look at the page menu at the bottom of the home page you would have noticed a page titled ‘Disclaimer’

Very important.

It is very likely that you will be selling the product of some one else and you are not a very credible expert of the subject matter. Such as selling something that suggests diet and weight loss and you are not a doctor. It would be a good idea to offer a disclaimer.

I have two weight and fitness sites and I have articles and videos on the subject. I get the videos from YouTube and for the most part I have the articles written by others from sites such as i-Writer. The articles are researched and the videos are for the most part presented by people in the field.

I clearly state in several articles and in my disclaimer that I am not a doctor and they should check with theirs. Also the products you will be selling will have their own disclaimers and guarantees.


Not all things will work for all people. Does not matter if your selling diet or woodworking. If I have or had success using one of the products I promote does not mean my customer will. That should not be my fault nor the fault of the producer of such product. You will have no idea how someone will follow directions after their purchase of such a how to product.

So it would be a good idea to let your customers know that and let them know that you are selling how to’s as a possible way of getting paid for such things.

It’s a legal necessity and one which you should include for your own protection.

A privacy page is also needed and is included with the Affilotheme hosting of a WordPress site. You can look at my disclaimers for an outline for your own site. Just change the wording a little too make it work for you.

Do it!