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Duplicate Content – SEO PracticesDuplicate Content

If you are creating a SEO friendly web site, and you are trying to rank your posts and ideas organically, the written word of those posts are your ‘bread and butter’. Avoiding duplicate content is something you should be very aware about.

Put simply: for the sake of ranking in the search engines…..NO COPYING!

You must make it a priority to make sure no one else has the same content as you. You must make this one of your marketing strategies.

There was a time, in the world of online marketing, that posting your articles in article directories and on other websites with a link back to your site was good for the SEO on your site or sites.

However a lot of marketers got spam-happy, and things had to change. Now if the same content appears on multiple websites, it’s seen by search engines as “duplicate

And this can now get you in trouble. You may get your site blacklisted because of you choosing the easy and lazy way out.

Remember that I told you on page one that this make money from home quest is not all that simple or easy!

Now this may discourage you when it comes to writing articles and posts for your blog, however do not let that get you down.

I will let you know a secret: Two of my primary ways I come up with articles is either by outsourcing through sites such as i-writer, or I rewrite an article that I have “found”.

This post is a rewrite of one of the lessons sent to my subscribers.

Google Defines Duplicate Content This Way:

Unfortunately the exact definition of duplicate content is not always a simple black and white situation.

It’s according to some people as a substantive chunk of content that is the same across multiple domains. In many cases, it is not considered deceptive or malicious, and will not
harm the owners of the sites.

For example, forum posts will often quote large blocks of text repeatedly or copy articles from other sites. Most search engines won’t target forums for duplicate content because they also produce so much original content.

Also, product descriptions and store links with multiple URLs will often be permitted without any substantial penalties (though there is some disagreement on whether products should have unique descriptions or not)

Having multiple versions of the same page on a single domain is also permissible–such as with Flash, HTML, mobile, and printer-friendly versions of a site.

The problem with duplicate content occurs when it is deliberately done across multiple domains to manipulate search rankings.

Google is focused on positive user experiences, and there is nothing quite as damaging to their ideals to that experience as finding the same page 25 times with a single search.

So because it’s their bat and ball, Google will only show one copy of any given content in the search results, while ignoring the others.

Sometimes, duplicate content occurs when someone tries to create multiple sites for the same niche. This is close to home with me. I have three affiliate sites in the weight and fitness niche which forces me to be careful and creative.

For example, if you create three blogs about weight and fitness, and post the same article on all three, Google may choose and post the same article on all three, Google may also choose to ignore two of those sites in its indexing, or it may decide that the practice is deceptive and block all three sites. Ouch!

Google wants original content that provides value to the user. If you copy content from other sites or repost your own content elsewhere, you won’t get the kind of search rankings you’re aiming for. You could even face penalties.

Avoid Using Duplicate ContentDuplicate Content

By far the easiest way to avoid the duplicate content penalty is simply to write original articles and blog posts as much as possible.

If you’re not a writer or you don’t have the time, outsource it to a freelance writer.

Avoid buying PLR articles, because anyone else can buy them too. The only way they’d be useful is as topic inspiration or research material, but you’ll be able to find fresher information for free online anyway.

Original, well-written content will be desirable not only for the search engines, but also for your readers, who will gladly eat it up.

Learn a lot more with some free lessons on the net.

Fixing Duplicate Content:

How to Fix Duplicate Content and Improve Your SEO. Duplicate content is a SEO issue many SEOs or content marketers probably have experienced once a time in their daily routine. Content marketers who spend time to create qualitative content strategies do not want to get penalized for duplication or near.…read on…….

The last thing an aspiring marketer needs is to have a site blacklisted because of something silly like duplicate content. Be wary and take the precautions needed to make sure this doesn’t happen.