Finding Keywords

Finding Keywords For SEOFinding keywords

One of the most important things you may do for yourself and your internet marketing quest is understanding the importance of finding beneficial keywords that work for your business.

I truly believe it is the most important thing.

Following is a simple “Finding Of Keywords 101”

Lets get a couple of things out on the table so to speak.

Number one is that I do not claim to be one of those fancy internet marketing gurus that hammer me and possibly you with dozens of emails every day with some very convincing “mouse traps” on how to obtain unlimited traffic to your site and make thousands of dollars per day.

Some of those will work…..IF you use them……Most will NOT!

You have to understand that they already made their money from that system and are now trying to sell you the left overs. Or the product is an over packaged system that you can do yourself for free.

Number two is that I use simple SEO practices that I learned from some of those gurus who truly give you what it takes to succeed. I also spend next to nothing, other than time, when it comes to promoting my sites. I am talking about Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

I make money on the internet. Finding a comfortable niche and finding influential keywords that will promote that niche lays a good platform on which to get noticed and gets you started toward success.

Yes there is more to it, content, social media involvement, blogging, etc. However finding good keywords for your site will be the number one reason people will find you in an organic business model.

Finding Niche Keywords 

You found your niche, hopefully something you can enjoy and or relate to.

You found a domain name and you are now off to the races.

However nobody knows that web address unless you gave it to them and you will find out that those people, friends and family, are limited and are not always in the market for what you are selling. You need more. Thousands more.

How do you do that?

Finding keywords

Finding keywords, Graphviz Keywords—Aldon (

Finding keywords that your potential customers are typing into that search box on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

They are your potential customers.

Your website is supposed to be a treasure trove of information for the education of your readers. Hopefully they will want more and click on that affiliate offer your promoting.

That information always, should always begin with a well found and popular keyword.

And that keyword should give you an idea and start an article or blog that you place in your website.

Let’s explain how this rather simple article appeared here.

I needed an article on this site to explain keywords.

What would someone who needed this information type into that box? How about something simple? How about “finding keywords”?

How to expand on that phrase.

I went to the free Ubersuggest website and typed in “finding keywords” and out popped hundreds of takeoffs on that simple two-word phrase. Here are the first 19:
finding keywords for seo
finding keywords in text
finding keywords for amazon
finding keywords in sentences
finding keywords in python
finding keywords in job descriptions
finding keywords in google analytics
finding keywords for website
finding keywords in excel
finding keywords for your website
finding advertising keywords on web pages
finding amazon keywords
finding appropriate keywords
finding keywords on a website
finding keywords in a sentence
finding keywords in a document
finding keywords in articles
finding keywords in a text
finding keywords in a word document

Now you ask Ubersuggest to view those as text (click on the red box on top of the page), and you get something simple to copy then go to:

Google Adwords: Finding Good Keywords

This is where it gets interesting and fun.

Go into the Google Keyword Planner found under the Google AdWords.

Click on option 2 ‘search volume’ and then paste all those suggestions from Ubersuggest into that box.

Finding keywords, SEO Tool Basic Keyword

Finding keywords, SEO Tool Basic Keyword Glossary TopRank—TopRankMarketing (

Like magic, Google will give you the best ideas from that list with monthly search volumes and adword costs. Find the better ones by looking at those two numbers.

If the search volume is decent, and people are willing to spend a lot on promoting that keyword and or phrase, you got an idea, possibly several.

Those ideas will lead to content, and a good SEO start for your site. Don’t be to put off by the competition. There are millions of people searching, just follow that new found keyword with really good content.

This article has three of those popular keyword phrases in it. All of them in a heading font. Together they account on an average of over 1,200 searches per month. And two of them are considered low competition.

Do your homework. It just takes a little time. Not the expense of a new kind of mousetrap. Believe me when I say that most of those “better ways” are doing just what I explained with a lot of fluff wrapped around the finished product.

Remember to just do your research. Learn about keywords. It takes a little time, however, it gets faster as you start to get the feel for it.Finding keywords

I have several evergreen sites in the weight loss niche that took over a year of organic SEO to start showing some earnings. I have a gardening website that started making money in 4 months without spending a dime on SEO.

Time + Research + Patience = $$$$$$$