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Tips to Get More Readers to Your Blog

If you are just starting out, or you have been doing it for awhile, you are spending a lot of get more readers to your blogtime writing and may be frustrated by the lack of traffic to your site. You want to know how to get more readers to your blog just to look at all that hard work, much less selling something.

It is not unlike wanting to be a professional athlete. There are so many wannabes and only a small percentage actually make it to that million dollar paycheck. Sorry to say that there are millions of websites out there hoping to ‘make the team’ and a passive website is not going to ‘make the cut’.

It’s time to get proactive in promoting yourself in order to rise to the top and become an all-star. An authority.

Let’s Get More Readers to Your Blog

  • First and foremost you should know who you are writing to.or for. If you are trying to sell anti-aging products, the 20 to 30-year-olds are not really looking for this information. Not yet anyway.
  • When you find a topic you are passionate about and feel people will love, go all out with it. In time you will understand what your target audience actually wants to read.
  • I can not stress the importance of keyword research. If people are not looking for the specific keyword of your blog, you most likely will not be noticed. You will build it, and they will not come. Find a good keyword research tool.
  • Make sure you are up-to-date. Timely. Your blogging authority will suffer if you are serving up old and worn out content. As your site gets older, go back and update or get rid of the ‘old age.’
  •  Make sure your site is getting properly read and indexed by the site engines. If you need training on this, look into that immediately. Good SEO is an absolute get more readers to your blogmust if you wish to get more readers to your blog.
  • It is not always about Google and Bing. Promote yourself on social networking sites. You should belong to and be linking your blogs to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and others. It does not cost a dime, and the more you are out there, the more you will get noticed and be getting people involved.
  • Allow yourself to get active with your audience by allowing comments. Let people agree and disagree with you. The end of each blog should contain an invitation to comment. Make sure your comment section is turned on.
  • If you do not know what you are talking about, do not talk about it. If you do not have the expertise or are willing to look into things such as doing a little research, shut up. Do not leave yourself open to embarrassment or the alienation of potential customers.
  • Write useful content. This is as of now all the rage in internet marketing. If you were reading your own content, would you consider it useful, would you be interested in looking at other pages on your site or signing up for that offer on the right sidebar?
  • Link to other useful websites that are relevant to your subject matter and your targeted audience. Don’t be afraid of showing your audience another authority. Google likes that. Just make sure it opens in another tab so you do not have your site disappear on the reader.
  • If you are blogging about your business to bring attention to it, try not to be boring and too technical. Write a story. Get a little personal. Relate to your own experiences so people do not feel they are spending their time on some advertisement type blog/post.
  • Have some ‘cliffhangers’. Write a part 1 of a subject so as to entice a reader to come back looking for part 2. And if a reader finds your site for the first time by landing on part 2 or 3, they will be inclined to look at the beginning and go through your site for part 1.

Keeping Your Blog Interesting

To most of us, blogging is easy. Whether you have the talent to write interesting content or the money to pay someone else to do it gaining readership can be and is very difficult. There are over two million unique blog posts added to the internet every day. Yikes!

You got to be proactive, personable, and sensitive about your posts with the intent to be considered in this team sport.

With determination, patience, the desire to learn with consistency, you will eventually build up the readership you need and want.

Welcome to the team.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, by all means, let us know.

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