Finding Niche Keywords Advice Part 2

Tools For Finding Niche Keywords

When it comes to getting your blogs and posts noticed by the search engines it always begins by doing the research of finding niche keywords that will cover the subject matter of exactly what you are writing about.Finding Niche Keywords

That is not always an easy task, but one that is so important that your blog or post is doomed to failure in the bowels of cyberspace if you do not do it correctly.

Picking out one that every other marketer uses will put you in a very unfair advantage, and choosing keywords that no one is typing into the search boxes…..well then…..what’s the point in trying to get noticed at all?

Three Must Haves for Finding Niche Keywords

Traffic Generators The idea of your post is to generate traffic. Someone searches a subject matter and web site solutions pop up. And you hope that your solution will be on the first or second page of Google or Bing.

Most likely not. Sorry. All the most popular keywords are most likely gone. Picked by a slew of others some time ago and are being used by more powerful sites than yours. What do you do?

You find keywords that get some, not the holy grail of them.  You look for 50 to 100 searches per month. That’s right. One hundred or less. In that way you are sure to be noticed. And get on the first or second page.

Suppose you have dozens of posts generating this kind of traffic. It adds up. And search engines notice. And lower competition keywords are more relevant and convert better.

Lower Competition So your first step in finding niche keywords is to locate those that very few are using right now.

Lets start by throwing a metric at you: QSR  which translated means Quote Search Results. That QSR number is telling you exactly the number of competing pages in Google. And you want a number under 300. The closer to zero, the better.

Another metric is SEO Power. That information will tell you if a keyword is good enough for getting SEO rankings. That’s called keyword quality or KQI Keyword Quality Index.

Kings English The keyword much make sense. You must be able to put it in a sentence. It should be something that is searched for in that search box. The keyword here is a ‘natural’ fit.

Bottom Line of Finding Niche Keywords

So how do you put all that research into practice in an easy to do way.Most tools out there including Googles keyword finder are a pain to use, much less showing you what you really need. And that is getting your message out there to anybody looking for what you have to sell. Anybody. And lots of keywords are not going to do it for you.

There is one tool I know of and use and it is called Jaaxy.

It is a one stop shopping destination for keyword research.

The kind of research you need for getting your site noticed.

You may try it right here. Go ahead. Type in what you think is a good keyword for your site or post and check the results and compare them to what you learned above. Prepare to be educated.

Yes, it’s going to ask you for some sign up stuff. No, you do not have to leave any credit card info. It’s all free in the hope of getting you hooked. No obligation. Ignore it at any time.

Jaaxy should have told you what you needed to know about that keyword or phrase.

What Else From Jaaxy?

Site Rank: You can check your found keyword for site rank. That will help you to monitor your progress.

Domain Availability: If you need to purchase a domain, you can check with Jaaxy to see if it’s available.

Search Analysis: This feature lets you check the top ten websites on page one of the search engines for a particular keyword. You can check the Alexa rank, the number of backlinks, word count, and keyword density on those articles that are ranked on page one of any particular keyword. How cool is that?

Saved List: You can save all the keywords you researched with all metrics.

Alphabet Soup Search: You will get ideas on long-tailed keywords to compete with those high competition keywords.

If you sign up for Jaaxy you will be able to use a free version for 30 searches. Maybe more than enough for you to get some serious rankings for your site and posts.

If you are a serious internet marketer, it is not an expensive investment for your business to consider.

Please consider just checking it out. If you like this internet marketing stuff, you might find this tool quite addicting!

The ease of use and the quality information you get from it makes it, in my opinion, all worthwhile.

There is absolutely no obligation and you can bail at any time.

Any questions or comments may be left below. They are always welcomed.



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