How to Create a Blog Post in All Venues

Answers on How to Create a Blog Post

If you are going to be successful in your internet business, then you are going to want to know how to create a blog post in all media venues, whether it is in WordPress or a blogging platform such as Blogger, or any one of the social media to create a blog post in

All marketing professionals and internet gurus will point out that one of the most important things you can do for your business is to create blogs and post on a regular basis.

And here might be the hard part… not brag about yourself. If you want to make friends and influence people, there has got to be some give and take. There has to be information about what you are trying to sell without being too pushy. You have to gain some trust first before you can convert that blog into sales.

Answers on How to Create a Blog Post in Anything

  • First and foremost….Why are you writing? Well if you are on this site I will presume that it is another way to make money other than that 9 to 5 dead end job you are in now. If you’re blogging just for fun, that can be done with links back to your money making site.
  • How are you going to present yourself? Is it going to be casual or businesslike? I try to do both at the same time. A friendly yet professional vibe to entice a sale.
  • Who are you going to be talking to? You got to know who is interested in what you have got to say. A site on pregnancy weight is not too interesting to someone looking for an anti-aging-lose weight type of business.
  • Useful information. Very important. Is there something of interest that may be useful to the people you are trying to sell to? Do you link to authority sites? Sites other than your own. You should understand that you are not the be all and end all of every subject matter. The more you educate, the more trust you will develop.
  • Your site has to grow. There is more to a business than just presenting it to family and friends. They will not always be interested in what you are trying to sell. And you will run out of family and friends before you can start making real money. You are going to have to promote yourself to strangers all over the internet via social media. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc. will help you gain followers. Good SEO will get you noticed by the search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Post on a regular basis. Schedule yourself to post on your site and or blog at least weekly. Once you gain readership, people will come back to check up on you again and again.
  • Stay focused. This is not for everyone. Some people can not get themselves to write an informative well-written article on a regular basis. There are people out there who could write for you at very reasonable rates. Hey, it’s a business expense.
  • Do not get overwhelmed. When I first started it this internet marketing thing, I let human nature take over and started many sites to make money with. Or so I thought. I got overwhelmed and could not properly do what was needed for every site. The very successful bloggers concentrate on just one or two niches at a time. And they kill it when it comes to making money on the net.

So when it comes to how to create a blog post in your internet world, understand that it is not easy to do effectively. Especially writing on your own unless you have excellent writing skills. For that reason, I have included a lesson from the Wealthy Affiliate Blog to help you some more on writing effective copy.

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how to create a blog post in


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