Online Marketing Questions

Online Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Online marketing is getting more and more competitive. Everybody wants to make money the ‘easy way’ from the comfort of their beach villa. However it’s not that easy. Just having a site promoting some better mouse trap product is not going to cut it. Neither is joining social media, PPC ads, and simple blogging methods.Online Marketing

You have some work to do on this online marketing quest.

For your Consideration:

  • Not having a plan on how to attack the Googles, Facebooks, and others of the internet marketing world is great error. Without a proper education and proper products, you will not survive.
  • Do not make the mistake I did by assuming that Facebook, Twitter, and others, is a good platform and only one for direct promotion. They will suck you in by reporting on how many people you reached, but how many sales did you make? Most likely none. Social media marketing is about establishing relationships with existing customers. When you have those relationships, spending might be an option.
  • Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. For your marketing quest, establishing a well made blog and forum is an effective ways to build authority, and establish connections. However it must be maintained and not forgotten!
  • Google AdWords and other online ads have their place and are important for creating big sources of profitable traffic. However if not done correctly, they can become a money pit.
  • About Us and Contact pages should be up to date and correct. Many people will check these pages out before venturing into your site. If not current that hard earned customer will leave.Phone numbers, address, Do It!
  • Website Design is critical-With all the tools available to you to use, it’s a shame to have an outdated and poorly designed website. A website with no redeeming qualities will be short lived. No excuse! WordPress makes it so easy. Especially with an Affilo Theme wrap around.
  • Do not short change email marketing. Many think its time has passed, not yet, and maybe not ever. Invest the time in generating and adding to a list. There is not to many better ways to connect with customers.
  • Quality content. It’s not only important to your customers, it’s also important to Google. If someone visits your site and quickly leaves because your on-site content is crap, Google will notice. That’s called a bounce rate and Google notices. And Google rules right now.
  • Leave comments on- Encourage feedback, let customers offer reviews and testimonials. It will be a way to improve your site and your image that will attract more and more customers. Remember the negative offerings will help you to correct any deficiency your site may have. Getting a forum going is a great way of reaching out to customers.
  • Reinvest your money- When starting out, put any money made right back into your site by investing in content creation, web design and social media promotion. Customers want a strong presentation.
  • Long term commitment- It is not an over night process. It takes time and a commitment to always be adding and maintaining your site and blogs, your involvement on social media. Stick to one site when starting out. Do not over extend yourself with lots of sites such as I did. It could become a bit too much and poor execution will be the result.