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Before I got into internet marketing, I owned a small local brick and mortar business.(That’s a store front…..not a place to buy bricks and mortar!)

If you own a business or are considering opening one, learning about how to get around website building, social media, Google maps, etc. is essential.

When I first got into business, getting your name out to the public was done basically through print media. Newspaper ads, direct mail to potential customers, coupons through companies such as Val-Pak and Welcome Wagon. Are they still around????

The internet and social media has changed all that. Changed it completely. Devices such as Google Search and Yelp has changed the face of marketing. If you do not know how to use them, your market share will suffer. Today’s customer does not take too kindly to direct mail and newspaper ads.

To reach your market on the local scale, you will need to be proficient in today’s small business marketing to stay ahead of your competition.

Today’s Small Business Marketing

One of the first things I did when I got to this ‘advertising era’ was to build a website. However do not do it the way I did it. I went to the most advertised web hosting sites of the time such as Go Daddy and Page One ( that’s right, I tried several). The problem with that is my time and patience did not allow me to properly set up a viable site.

They offered support, however not the over the shoulder type I needed.

When I signed onto Affilorama for my affiliate marketing business, I thought the best way to learn was to use Affilorama hosting for that brick and mortar business I still owned to set up a website for it. It was up and running rather quickly, and from there I could move on.

Using a website and mailing list for business promotions is a no brainer. And you could also use it to link to sites such as Yelp and any associations you might belong to. And visa versa.

Once you have done that, you can utilize Internet directories. Google has a Local Business Directory service, and there may be others that are helpful. List yourself in the search engines. Affilorama will teach you how to do that.

Get on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Use social media to your advantage. Sign up for all of the social media networking sites with your business name. Respond to queries at those sites and publish new, fresh content on a timely basis.

Try your hand at blogging. Yes, blogs can actually work, if they are used properly. You must strike a balance between trying to sell, sell, sell and being completely irrelevant. Be a storyteller, give your target audience content they value and will use, and post regularly.

Network on a local level. Go to as many local meetings as you can and talk with people in the community. Bring business cards with your internet domain clearly on them.

Ask your customers to give you online reviews and testimonials for both your website and Yelp pages. Reviews are what Internet surfers look for often when deciding on a business to use. Information from people who use your service is very valuable to others and to your business’ success.

Create a YouTube video of your products and services and why they are useful. Try to embed that video everywhere you have a logo or online presence. You can check out E-Lance for that if you are not comfortable with producing them yourself.

Use organic SEO techniques to gain relevant traffic. that’s pretty easy for a local site. I was able to rank very well in just a few short months because of my training from Affilorma.

Make sure to do proper keyword research and come up with keywords relevant to your business and location. For example, if you sell computer equipment and own a shop in Port Jefferson, New York, try to find keywords that have all these terms included. You don’t want keywords that are too general or that have a lot of competition. If you have no experience with search engine optimization techniques, look for a reliable and experienced service provider that will help you with this.

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The main way to create a local presence is to be present locally! If you want your business to succeed, personalize it. Make sure that people know who you, the owner, are, and have met you personally. In that respect you must be similar to a politician in order to sell yourself and your business. Once customers start streaming through your door, you will then have an additional layer of marketing in the form of what your customers say about you and your business.