What Is Duplicate Content In SEO

Duplicate Content Consequences

According to all the mountaintop preachers of SEO out and about today, it would be a good idea to ask the question: exactly what is duplicate content and how would it affect my money making website?what is duplicate content

If your money making adventure involves owning and running a website, those ‘preachers’ are telling you that Google is counting on you to provide good content for their customers if you want to have any chance of ranking that article on the first page.

They are telling the truth.

There was a time that this was not true. Just the simple task of posting your articles in article directories and on a few other websites with a backlink to your site was good enough.

However, with most easy road answers, marketers got spam happy, Google got smarter, and things had to change. Now if you were to place the same content on multiple websites, it will be seen as duplicate content by the search engines.

Google and Duplicate Content

The definition of exactly what constitutes duplicate content is not always simple to determine.

Many people define it as a substantive chunk of material that is the same over several domains. In many cases, it is not considered deceptive or malicious and will not likely harm your website.

For example, forum posts will often quote large blocks of text repeatedly or repost content from other areas. Most search engines will not target forums for that kind of duplicate content because of all the originality that occurs on them.

In addition, product descriptions and store links with many URLs will often be permitted without any substantial penalties.

Having several versions of the same page on a single domain is OK, such as with Flash, HTML, mobile, and printer-friendly versions of a site.

Here comes the caveat: duplicate content occurs when it is deliberately done across multiple domains to try to fool and manipulate the search engines for better rankings

Always keep in mind that Google wants a positive user experience and there is nothing quite so damaging to that experience as finding the same page 20-30 times with a single search.

So now Google will only show one copy of any given content in the search results while ignoring the others.

This will often happen when a person has several sites for the same niche.

For example, I personally have three websites in the weight loss and health niche. If I make an effort to post a duplicate article on all three of those sites, Google may choose to ignore two of the site articles for indexing or may think I am trying to pull a fast one and condemn all three sites by not indexing any of the articles.

Again, Google wants original content for their users. If you try to cut corners by reposting articles from other sites or even reposting your own content, your SERP will suffer.

You may even face penalties.

Tips For Avoiding Duplicate Content

Of course, the easiest way to avoid duplicate content is simply write original material or have someone else do it for you.Original content

Also blog posts more often.

Avoid buying PLR articles because you will not be the only one buying the said article. They may be useful for topic ideas, inspiration and or research. Many times, I will go this route just for the idea s in the content and rewrite them in my own words. Chop them up so to speak.

You must have original, well-written content that will be desirable not only for the search engines but also for your customers and potential customers.

You know……the ones you are trying to sell something too.

The very last thing an internet marketer such as yourself needs is to have Google come down hard on you by blacklisting your site. All because you did something to cut corners in your marketing quest.

Do not be lazy or think you can pull a fast one on the search engines. They are getting smarter every day.

Learn how to create awesome content with ease by getting the proper education.


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