Best Practices For Social Media Marketing

Timing: Best Practices for Social Media Marketingbest practices for social media marketing

Some time ago needing some advertising business advice about advertising, an older gentleman who was in business for himself was quite a while told me that ” You do not go fishing when there is no fish in the sea.”

That conversation took place before the internet, much less before all this social media stuff. However, it stands true to this day, when it comes to social media, proper timing is one of the best practices for social media marketing.

After all, if no one is looking, who’s going to see what you have to say?

So when you are marketing that product, and you want a decent response to that blog, it is just common sense to post that content marketing material at a time when most people are online looking for things to read.

So first decide what platforms you will be posting to and then figuring when is the best time for posting.

Best Timing for Social Media Posting

The social platforms available to us today are an excellent way to promote that product you have, however, each media site has a different time in which people are actually reading through practices for social media marketing

Research has shown that there is not only peak times for social media use but also peak times when people click through to blogs and other social media networks. Use that research to your advantage by keeping your material fresh and up to date and do not miss those peak times with your interesting, usable content.

Use this as a guide to help you in determining the timing.

  • Common sense says the worst time to place your content is the early morning hours which coincide with the rush hour into work.
  • Think about your time zone.In what zones do the majority of your followers live? It would be an advantage to posting several different times in a day to satisfy that need. Rush hour in New York is not the same time as rush hour in London or California.
  • Facebook peak times for posting are from 1 PM to 4 PM ET and before 8 AM and after 8 PM ET. However, weekend posting on Facebook seems to result in the highest possible interaction.
  • Weekend posting on Twitter does not result in a large number of click-throughs. Twitters peak time for clicking is from 1 PM to 3 PM ET Mondays through Thursday.
  • Linkedin click-throughs peak before work 7 AM to 9 AM ET and the hours after work hours 5 PM to 6 PM. At other times, traffic is lower.
  • Tumblr peaks at night for those willing to click-through and is, for the most part, busier at times the other platforms are quieter.
  • Pinterest has a peak time during the afternoons and very late at night.
  • Google+ posting is best after people get to their jobs from 9 AM to 11 AM et and not so busy when they are on their way home from that job.

These guidelines are generalities, the research comes from various analytics programs.Sometimes experimenting outside the boundaries (outside the box) may reap great rewards.A good following will most likely trash all the above research.

There are programs out there that will allow you to do your own analytics and programs such as Crowdfire that will help you in the timing of posts.

The bottom line is that using social media on a consistent and timely manner will give you great satisfaction on the growth of your marketing quest with no or very little out of pocket expense.

There is no excuse why you should not be using it, just use it wisely!

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