Social Media Marketing Trends and Tips

What’s Trending in Social Media Marketing?

It is no secret that social media is growing by leaps and bounds each and every day, and as it does so, you must stay up to date with social media marketing trends so as to take advantage of this important marketing tool.

Social media marketing

Your customers, fans, and followers are more demanding today, looking for more interaction, better content from you, and a quick response when they ask something of you.

So let us look at some social media marketing trends that can help you in addressing their concerns and also get you to grow your social media market share.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Ideas

  • Quality is step one. Do not think you can post as many Facebook updates and as many tweets as you want every day because if you are not careful it could be considered spamming….a sure fire way to turn people off. Social sites are all about freshness, and quality attracts more likes and shares than spammy type repetitiveness. Keep this in mind if you want a healthy online following.
  •  Get Personal. A formal tone is becoming less popular these days and companies are trying to establish a more personal relationship with their followers across social media platforms by trying to become part of their daily lives.
  • Interact. Remember your followers have social media pages also and you would establish stronger ties with them if you engage with them. Being involved with them will cause them to have you in their ‘social memory’ and be more likely to return to your profile.
  • Schedule. Think of timing your content. Different time zones, different times of social media marketingday for higher readership for different social media platforms, all come into play here.
  • Going Mobile. I know people who have laptops as dust collectors because everything they do outside of the office seems to be done only on their smartphone or tablet. Because of that, you should be optimizing your profiles for mobile devices. Remember that Facebook alone has hundreds of millions of active mobile users every month.
  • Be honest. Transpanensie is so important in this competitive market. More businesses are apologizing for their mistakes through their social media profiles than ever before. Because of the reach and speed of these social media platforms, they continue to use them for that purpose. Consider getting on board with that philosophy.
  • Customer support. Because more and more of your customers will ask questions about products and services on your social media platforms, it is important that you answer promptly. You are on stage in cyber-space. Do not let your customers, followers, and potential users of your sites down.

The Future of Social Media Marketing

It is not going away is a very strong understatement. Social media continues to grow and keeps growing day in and day out. As it grows, fans, followers, and customers will continue to demand more and more social interaction from those they follow. You are in the spotlight. Marketers who will be wise enough to respond appropriately and give their audience what it wants will reap great rewards in return. Likes, shares, follows, traffic, and hopefully more sales.

That is what it is all about……right?

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