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Twitter Analytics Tools for  Internet Marketers

Twitter analytics tools

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The following top 10 free Twitter analytics tools will help you to measure the success of your Twitter marketing quest and should give you an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t, so you can make smart choices  as you move forward. They are suitable for both professional and amateur marketers. And remember to keep going forward. No gains will be made without the mindset of ‘keep going forward!’

Twitter Analytics Tips for You:


Twitter Counter is an easy to use site for agencies, brands, business, and individuals.The site provides graphs that are more accessible than those of most other tools on this list, and also comes with two valuable features:

First is the ability to compare your account with one or two other sites to measure your performance, and second, a prediction service that guesses at what rate your follower count will increase in the near future based on information gathered over the last week.

It’s is amazing to me how fast your followers grow after you get into the habit of going forward.

Twitonomy although a little more technical, it is one of the most complete Twitter analytics tools available, helping you to monitor conversations based on keywords, users, or lists in real time. It comes with a pleasant and accessible user interface, custom for you modules, and a powerful account analysis feature that provides statistics and graphs for any account, and includes tweet frequencies and most-used hashtags. How cool is that?

Twitter analytics tools

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Twentyfeet generates graphics that help you better understand how you stand in terms of followers, retweets, or mentions. It also tracks some metrics that are crucial for the internet marketer, such as users who aren’t following back or the number of followers you’ve recently lost.

Twtrland is probably the most visual Twitter analytics tool around and it’s ideal for marketers who feel overwhelmed by the extensive statistics that other tools provide. And believe me, there are times you will become overwhelmed.  This site will group your tweets in categories such as “mentions” and “your most famous words” and highlights which of the tweets/users you’ve engaged with performed well, helping you to discover what content your followers are most attracted to. How great is that?

Twitalyzer has a free version that provides comprehensive reports for your profile, reach, and metrics, and that also lets you analyze your competitor (reverse engineering). The info is presented through accessible dashboards that are easy to understand. The reach data is especially useful, as it predicts your potential based on your interaction with influential users.

Twitter analytics tools

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Crowd Booster is a visually impressive analytics tool that provides data on the growth of your follower count, top retweeters, and influential followers, and is convenient for figuring out if your marketing campaign is progressing at the pace you want. Metrics can be sent weekly via email.

Twit Sprout provides a quick snapshot of the performance of your account in the last week and comes with a few graphs that help you discover the best time of the day to be active on Twitter. This is a basic analytics tool that can be used to complement the data you get from some of the more comprehensive services already mentioned.

Twitaholic uses your current follower count as a metric to rank your account and give you an idea of what you can achieve if you continue with your current marketing strategy. It is extremely useful for local businesses because it can rank your account in your area, comparing it to the accounts of other local providers.

Topsy is mainly a trends and comparison tool. It shows you the trends for compares and mentions for up to three users or domain names, and lets you compare keywords too. Excellent for measuring your marketing efforts with those of your competitors.

True Social Metrics is focused on measuring not the usual metrics, but those that relate to your participation in the channel, including conversation, amplification, and applause. It’s more experimental than the other analytics tools listed here, and to fully understand it you’ll have to try it out.

 That is a lot of stuff. However to get the most out of Twitter, you should consider using them all. Remember to continue forward.

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