About us

Several years ago I decided to try my hand at internet marketing for both my brick and mortar business and a fledgling affiliate marketing quest.

Right away I learned that there are many ways to do that.

Adding my name and address to a couple of opt-in forms netted me a plethora of ‘make a million dollars here’ products.

Trying out different ideas from all the internet gurus out there and making many mistakes and wasting a ton of money, I found my way.about us

I am not one of those guru’s. I am still learning every day.

It is never as easy as those so-called experts will lead you to believe.

Google seems to change their game plan almost on a monthly basis and if you do not keep up you will find yourself lost in cyberspace.

For instance just getting your business up, running, and noticed properly on Google Maps has become a little more of an ordeal.

We can help with that.About Domain Service Group

I hope this site will point your nose in the right direction without the same mistakes I made, and, I hope will show you a way or help your brick and mortar business to make a few more bucks by getting your business noticed in that very populated thing called the internet.

Please remember that there is work involved. More than point and click. More than what some will have you believe.

The products I have reviewed on this site I have used and continue to use. They work.

Providing you do also.

Or you can give me a call.

Learn, take action, be persistent, and above all be patient.

Contact me if there are any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks for stopping by,