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Getting Website Traffic via the IBO Family

I stumbled onto this ‘club’ of a website called IBO Toolbox by its being recommended to me while I was visiting a highly advertised, costly, and popular other ‘club’ that promotes itself as one of the better teachers of getting website traffic through their ideas and getting website trafficteachings.

For months I was paying a monthly fee for the membership of that other ‘club’. I must admit that it did have much to offer in the way of website design and website promotion, but in getting simple organic traffic to my sites they did not offer anything new and exciting.

And we should know, well I hope you know, that getting website traffic is what it is all about if you’re trying to sell anything.

And if you want to impress Google, website traffic does a lot to impress. It will help your rankings which is another whats it all about thing. People will not find you if your site is lost in cyberspace.

So by an ironic twist of fate, while I was on that paid site, I got involved in a discussion thread about getting website traffic and someone mentioned this IBO Platform.

Well, I looked into it, dropped the membership to the pay for ‘club’, joined IBO Toolbox, for free, and never looked back!

The IBO Toolbox ‘Fleamarket’

I do not mean that in a derogatory way.

However, that is just like it feels like when you enter this platform of internet marketers and potential customers.

This platform is visited by 250,000 people each day and 96% of them are not IBO members, just everyday people looking for ways to make money, find goods and services, and just checking out the latest press releases that members write and share with others in the community.

And guess what? It’s all FREE to use.

No kidding.

No upsells.

No ‘use now and upgrade to use’ later gimmicks.

No pressure!

Just like going out to the suburbs on the weekend to that large fleamarket with free parking to shop and look over all the vendors.

But this happens every day of the week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And it will not cost you anything other than some small amount of well spent time for you to take advantage of, and get some important traffic to that site of yours.

How Does IBO Toolbox Work?

I will admit when you first enter this IBO Platform it will seem like a maze. There is just so much to see. And so much to learn as to how to go about maneuvering around this site.

It will be a quick and very beneficial study. Please trust me on that. I for one have little patience or time on learning how to get around platforms such as this, but the learning is quick and painless.

Please trust me on that. I for one have little patience or time on learning how to get around platforms such as this, but the learning is quick and painless.

I for one have little patience or time on learning how to get around platforms such as this, however, the learning is quick and painless.

There is a learning course available that will get you up to speed rather quickly and you may revert back to those lessons anytime you need to. I highly recommend you take that time to take the lessons.

So how does IBO help you in getting website traffic?

It has to do with advertising your site or blog on their platform. And you do this by acquiring credits which will earn you impressions or views to your ads.

You design an ad, you place it where you want it to go on the platform, (there are several different page platforms to choose from) then sit back and let the views and clicks happen.

The system will inform you when you run out of credits at which point you decide if you want to convert more credits to run that ad again.

You convert credits to views.

It is a 1:5 ratio.

For every 1 credit equals 5 views, 100 credits will give you 500 views and so on.

Small classified ad types will cost you a lot less than banner size ads. Classified ads = 1 impression/view, whereas a 250 x 250 banner ad will cost you 5 impressions/views.

And how and where and how much are those credits?

They are free and cost very little time on your part.

Throughout the week, IBO gives you opportunities to harvest those credits. You can earn over 1000 credits (that equals 5000 impressions) every week by just being a little involved and showing some pasting and clicking skills.

For example:

100 credits every day for copying and pasting daily codes.

A weekly newsletter will give you 100 credits

A weekly marketing newsletter will give you 200.

A weekly 45-minute webinar(that does not sell you anything) will net you 400 credits.

That’s 1400 free credits available every week for you to toot your horn in front of 250,000 web-surfers every day.

You will earn 500 starter credits for filling out a profile page. Which becomes your social page where you may list your website address, and videos (no limit) and a basic show and tell of yourself.

You will earn 2250 credits for completing the training videos.

And there are more free avenues than what I listed here.

When you try this for a couple of weeks, and you see you are getting website traffic to your site, you most likely will want to get more aggressive in your marketing.

For that, there are credits available at a cost. Of course, you say, “ there is the catch!

However, it is not a catch. You are under no obligation to buy anything, and IBO will never throw you out or demand that you buy an upsell for you to participate.

I found myself wanting more traffic, and the purchasing of credits is an unbelievable cheap way of doing so.

And very efficient.

And easy.

At the very least, if you decide not to purchase, it will cost you some time. Nothing else.

It is a no-brainer with really nothing to lose and much to gain!

I guarantee you will bring traffic to your business by using this platform as it is intended.

Do not wait, give it a try!

Any questions or comments, please contact us.

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