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If you are interested in wanting to know how to learn internet marketing, you will definitely need a plan. And you definitely don’t want to lose your shirt or sanity when you finally decide on that plan and attempt to put it in motion.

My Quest on How to Learn Internet Marketing


If you’re already a marketer like I have been, you will get an uncountable amount of e-mails from internet marketing guru’s as soon as you request information from just one of them. That’s how I came across Wealthy Affiliate owned and operated by ‘team’ Kyle and Carson.

They offered me a free introduction to their Affiliate Bootcamp which I joined up for and promptly ignored. I have a habit of doing that, having been burned so often in the past.I just did not have the desire to listen to another sales pitch. But I knew I needed something to get me enthusiastic again.

My marketing and earnings from my sites were at a stand still. And I felt, even after taking a course on it, I had to discover how to learn internet marketing all over again.

To make a long story short, I got another e-mail from the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and decided now to take a look at the program.



how to learn internet marketing

This revelation is important: Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I now have on several sites, first and second-page rankings on Google and traffic has increased. All due to learning and applying WA’s steps for positive results.

They have given me a new approach to getting the most traffic to my sites. And it’s paying off.

This is more than just a learning program. It is a rather large community of internet marketers who all seem to be very active in adding to and helping out in the community. Not that other learning sites don’t have that, for the most part, they do, however, this one just seems more active, live, and fresh.

Something I needed for a kick in the rear!how to learn internet marketing

You may sign up for a free trial, maybe get the first month at a discount as a premium member, then keep at it for $49 per month. It’s loaded with perks and opportunities, and the more you participate, the more perks you get. Which means the growth and success of your money making site.

I have read many self-help books on the so called secrets of getting rich, and many of them suggest getting a good mentor to push you along in the right direction for achieving your goals.

Consider Wealthy Affiliate as that mentor at a fraction of the price. It has been pushing me in the right direction since I became involved and has kept my nose to the grindstone!

WA can put the basics under your belt with no problems.and help with the growth part of your business. I feel their community site is better than most. It seems to be much more up to date when it comes to what the search engine gods want from you when it comes to SEO.

The Ups:

They have a live chat room 24-7.

They have live video training with no sale pitches. How great is that!

24 Hour fast support.

Like other instructional sites, they have easy to use WordPress hosting.

They go beyond Clickbank for products. Something I found lacking in other teachings.

The Downs:

The dashboard takes a little time getting used to. (so does every dashboard)

To maintain your education and growth, it is monthly fee-based. $49 per month. You can save a nice chunk of change by paying one lump sum for a yearly membership.

Other training sites, for the most part, will just charge you a one time only price and you have the information forever.

Give and Take:

They do try a lot to get you to promote their own product (WA) assuming you have an internet marketing site which is a very difficult niche to be involved with. However, adjust to your own niche instead.

You may get caught up with all the chit chat on the site hampering what you should be doing…..focusing on your own site.

The free information is a great way and an alternative when you are just starting out to get the feel of things.

The Bottom Line:

If you need to be pushed, if you need someone always there to look over your shoulder and be there for help, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be.

Remember, no one has all the answers in this internet marketing quagmire. However, WA is always reinventing itself and getting new, very involved members to help the whole community in the marketing quest.

Wealthy Affiliate keeps you informed and involved!

Again remember, no one has all the answers on how to keep up with Google, and having these the tools WA offers in your back pocket, you will definitely get an edge on the competition.

At the very least, go over to Wealthy Affiliate and just check out the free period. Then try out the first month as a premium member so you may see and experience all the perks. Don’t like it? Bail. Then all you lost was some time and a few bucks.(and maybe an opportunity)

I think you will like it.

Click Here and Start for FREE!

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks.

Any questions? Drop us a line. We will be happy to help.

Wealthy Affiliate

$49 Monthly
how to learn internet marketing

Unique SERP ideas


Live Video Instruction


Forum Help


Free Option


Key Word Finder



  • Live Instruction Weekly
  • 24-7 Forum Access
  • Great Key Word Finder
  • Free Version
  • One on One Coaching


  • On Going Monthly Fee
  • Forum help is not always the best
  • They push too much for you to promote WA

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