How To Make Sales via The Internet

How To Make Sales By Solving Problems

You own a website that is trying to sell something and you are perplexed on how to make sales because you have not sold anything since you first started 6 months or god knows how long ago.How To Make sales

Let us start by getting you to understand that your selling machine is not about you. It is about your customers and how to solve their problems. Not about you preaching about all your knowledge about your subject.

Their problems.

I am not saying you should not be an authority in your chosen niche. However when you are writing that all important content, you should do so in a way that addresses a problem that your customer has and how you could fix it for them.

You need to inspire or encourage them to take action. You want them to feel something when they find your site. Maybe a little light at the end of their problematic tunnel.

Start Defining Your Audience To Make Sales

You have to know who your audience is. If you attempt to talk to everyone, you will most likely be talking to no one.

Remember this 80/20 rule: 20% of your visitors are responsible for 80% of your sales. That is 20% of your readers that are willing to take action on whatever it is your selling.

So consider demographics such as:



Family Status





If you will consider all this plus some, you will have a better understanding of how to present your problem-solving product to them.

How To Make Sales With Benefits

What is the benefit to your customer if he or she will consider the purchase of your product?

This is something you must focus on.

‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘How will it solve this problem I have?’

Those are the things you must answer in your website content.

The length of that content?

There are no hard fast rules. There are those who believe that 1000 plus words are what Google is looking for, however, you do not want to bore your customers to death before they get to that offer. Especially in this fast-paced internet world.

If you have a compelling copy, go on and write it, however, when you are thinking about how to make sales it is more important to know that it is all about what you say not necessarily what the guru’s out there are telling you or what Google wants for that matter.

Your content should answer these questions:

What is the offer?

Who is it for?

What makes this offer different?

How much?

Why is it credible?

Where do I sign up?

Remember that it is always about the reader.

Direct Your Customers On Where To Go

You should not try to educate your readers on your sales page.

Use your blog posts for that and have links to your sales page inside those posts and if your an affiliate marketer, have those links to the products only on your sales page, not on those educating blog posts.making sales

Rember that the sales page is where the problem solving is. Your blog is the content-rich education.

So once you got that customers attention, and they are on that sales page, you want to point them in the right direction.

And that direction is to take action!

Bold calls to action that will speak to their wants and needs.

I have an anti-aging site that I use to sell products for health and beauty. So on considering how to make sales on that site, I consider some of the motivations of my readers.

What are they looking for?

Maybe today someone is looking for clear skin. Clear, beautiful skin. So I try to leverage that in my call to action:

Get Clear Skin Today!


Start Your Quest For Clear Beautiful Skin!

And with those statements come a link to my product page with that all-important problem-solving product.

Also on my site, I offer a free call to action via a no-cost PDF for those not ready yet to part with their money but will be reminded of their visit to me with a content-rich ebook with my name all over it.

Final Thoughts On How To Make Sales

Keep in mind that at only less than 40% of your potential customers will start on your home page. The other 60% will come to your site through a blog post found by keyword searching or links to other landing pages.

Keeping this in mind, you should be repeating yourself on the same subject. Switch up your wording for those browsing your site with the intent of always pointing them to that all important sales page.

Not everyone will get to your site the same way or take the same paths.

To be successful in this business, your site should and will mature into hundreds of pages all pointing to a few money making sale pages.

Get to work!

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