Internet Marketing Scams To Sell You

Avoiding Internet Marketing Scams

The work from home business is full of internet marketing scams. If you have started this internet marketing thing, or have been on the Googlenet trying to find answers on the hows and why for, you have in all likely hood came across those ‘gurus’ trying to sell you the ‘next big thing’.internet marketing scams

Don’t believe most of them. In fact, don’t believe any of them before you do some homework

Please take it from one who knows, I have lost much in time and money falling for their get rich methods.

I am not trying to sell you anything revolutionary or exciting here on this post today. In fact, you will not find any such ‘illusions of grandeur’ thing on this website of mine.

No photoshopped pictures of me in the Alps or beach resorts.

No hour and a half video showing screenshots of all that money I made last week.

No $7,000 in products for only $395 if you buy in the next 37 minutes.

I am just writing to share some of my experiences and let you wonder if they sound all too familiar.

I have no doubt that some of the techniques sold out there today will work for some of you. However, I believe that most of those techniques have been worked to death already by those who created them and they are looking to squeeze a few more bucks by selling them off as the next best thing since sliced bread.

Typical Internet Marketing Scams Revealed

One of the most common things I have found out about many of these gurus is that they all seem to have second jobs. Or maybe their primary job. The internet marketing is just another way to pull in a few more dollars.

Nothing wrong with that.

However, I wonder why they have that job when they are showing us that screenshot of all those tens of thousands of dollars they rake in every other day.

One of those marketers owns a photo studio, others will have an SEO consultation business, or a website design business to pay those bills.I read of another who has a high position in a company that sells internet marketing materials from literally hundreds of other publishers.

Nothing wrong with that.

It just makes me question why have that other job when you are selling us a bill of goods that you are pushing to get us all out of the 9-5?

And some of them sell their ideas for thousands of dollars.

For information you could find on the internet for free.

One company I came across was willing to show you how to build your own internet consultation business by using all those freelancers on the net to do the work for you. Pay them. Charge your customers at a very profitable markup.

They will show you how to do that.

For about $5,000.

I will give you a free resource for freelancers. People Per Hour. I have no money making connection with them. However, if you need someone to design a website, design a logo, do some legwork for you, etc. there are hundreds of people involved with this site to help you out. Just put the job out to bid.

Your welcome.

Be careful where you get your education on learning this stuff and avoid those internet marketing scams.

At the end of the day, you are not getting any more value by spending $2,000-5,000 on a program that you are $20-30 typically, other than the perceived value might be higher for you because you paid WAY TO MUCH.

Some of the most common high ticket programs these days are:

  • High Ticket Mentoring
  • High Ticket Courses
  • High Ticket Masterminds

Believe me, most are not worth your time and money.

I took a $19 course from an education outlet called Udemy and learned how to start an SEO consulting business. That along with the great foundation brought to me by Affilorama, I now have a make money from home business that includes affiliate marketing and SEO consultation for brick and mortar businesses.

All for less than $300.

And the time to learn to do it correctly.internet marketing

Learn from the ground up. There is absolutely no get rich quick things in internet marketing unless you are the creator of that better mousetrap.

And you know how to market it to a bunch of getting rich quick dreamers.

Please do not let that be you!

Start learning on Udemy today! For under $20

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